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Services. They’re what we do

As our name plainly suggests, VCMS is a service-centric entity. While VCMS employees come from various backgrounds from corporate and trust management, finance and marketing, to revenue and reputation management, they all have one thing in common. Namely, decades of combined experience in service delivery.


While delivering day-to-day service excellence to our members is the cornerstone of our company, exploring fresh ways to enhance what we offer is one of VCMS’s top priorities.

What services does VCMS offer members?


Easy-to-access membership reservations

VCMS provides members with a professional reservations channel to ensure that booking stays at the home resort is always a convenient and hassle-free experience

• Variety of upgrade options

From penthouse suites and ultra-luxurious rooms to catering for special occasions, we offer a variety of upgrade options to make your stay extra special. 

• Straightforward global resort exchange and usage

Having options is what being a VCMS member is all about. If members fancy exchanging their home resort for a change, our network of worldwide resorts ensures you get maximum value.


• Flexible renting of space members cannot use

For whatever reason members cannot use their home resort any given season, our flexible rental programme provides a great alternative to non-usage.

• Discreet assistance with annual fees and easy payment terms

Because life’s what happens when you’re making plans, we offer confidential assistance with annual fees in addition to easy repayment options. 

• Seamless, private transfers of membership

Should you wish to transfer your membership to a willing third-party, we offer a seamless and private membership transfer service.

• Quibble-free membership exit and termination

Should circumstances change or you simply tire of your home resort (a rare occurrence!) VCMS’s membership exit and termination service is painless, quibble-free experience.

• Ultra-useful loyalty card

Saving money while on holiday is always a bonus. Our loyalty card gives members discounts on everything from flights, restaurants and car hire, to experiences and retail outlets. 


• Transparent club management updates

At VCMS, we believe in being open with our members, so we’ll always share information we have regarding any outside-influenced changes to club management operations or protocols.


• Effective member representation

Resort developers rely on upfront fees and annual fees, while sales and marketing functions also take a sizable bite out of upfront fees paid by members. Members therefore need assurance that, outside of standard resort maintenance costs, the fees they’re paying annually are prudently utilised.


VCMS acts as your eyes and ears, ensuring representing your best interests across all related industry channels.