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The Heavenly Collection

The Heavenly Collection was initially launched in 2011 with nine Penthouse Apartments in Sunrise Tower at The Radisson Blu, Resort & Spa, Golden Sands, Malta. An additional spectacular nine showpiece beachfront apartments were added to the Collection in 2018 at the Sands Tower of the same resort.

Starlight & the larger Stardust Apartments will accommodate two persons. Moonlight will accommodate four persons with Stellar six Persons and the largest apartment is the Galaxy with four bedrooms accommodating up to eight persons and boasts a large terrace with a jacuzzi commanding spectacular Sea views.   

Starlight Country View

Starlight Sea View

Moonlight Country View

Moonlight Sea View

Stardust Country View

Stardust Sea View

Galaxy Sea View

Table of Seasons

Stardust Sea View Sands Tower

Moonlight Sea View Sands Tower

Stellar Sea View Sands Tower

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