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Renting Members’ luxury

self-catering apartments is a fabulous opportunity for non-Members to experience the life of a Member for a week. The price of the week depends on the time of the year, size of the apartment views and features.

VCMS Rentals Need to Know

Members are well aware of some important aspects of how to book their entitlement they learn during the Membership Application process. To assist with your booking, we have identified the more important points that will help you make the most out of the space available.

  • All apartments have a changeover date which is Friday or Tuesday. We are particularly strict about this especially in high Season when Apartments are generally booked back-to-back. We will help you identify the changeover date when selecting your preferred apartment during the booking process.

  • Following on from the first point is that we encourage booking full weeks, 7 nights or say 14 nights at a stretch. We have incentives in place to encourage this.

  • The maximum number of persons for each apartment are fixed, depending on the apartment type. You may note that THC apartments offer full privacy for all occupants. So a 1 bedroom apartment accommodates 2 while a 2 bedroom apartment accommodates 4. IRC apartments, on the other hand have a sofa bed to accommodate 2 persons in the common area.

  • We do give priority to Members when it comes to availability on dates when we expect most demand. They are entitled to book up to 2 years in advance. Therefore, if you really wish to visit book the dates you have in mind as soon as possible, even before you secure the flights. If you are flexible on dates you may find some last minute space left unutilised. We advertise these dates from time to time so follow us on Facebook.  

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