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Šibenik, located on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast, and it’s a perfect gateway to some of the country’s most beautiful spots. The city is around 10 kilometres away from Krka National Park, and only a 2-hour drive from the spectacular Plitvice Lakes National Park. Šibenik boasts a charming stone walled old town as well as 4 imposing fortresses – one of which is 1 of the city’s 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city’s historic sites have even seen it featured in a number of episodes of the well-loved Game of Thrones TV show.

A Guide to Šibenik

The closest major airport to Šibenik is Split airport (SPU), which is located around 56 kilometres away. You also have the option of flights from Zadar Airport (ZAD)– which is 80 kilometres away from Šibenik.

We recommend renting a car to explore Šibenik and the surrounding villages.

How to get there?

Krka National Park: Krka National Park is located along the Krka River and its home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Croatia. Cruising through the river, admiring the green surroundings and reaching those iconic waterfalls is incredible in and of itself.

The park covers an area of 142 square kilometres. Most day tours will take the ferry from Skradin and visit the Skradinski Buk area. There are trails and viewpoints all around the famous Krka waterfalls. You can easily spend a day wandering around the paths of the national park, admiring the beautiful views and immersing yourself in nature.

National Park Kornati: Since 1980 the National Park has been the keeper of the most beautiful part of Croatian side of the Adriatic Sea. The Kornati Islands National Park between Sibenik and Zadar is a spectacular archipelago that includes 109 mostly uninhabited islands, islets, reefs and craggy rocks scattered like jewels over an area of 224 square kilometres. It's a sailor's paradise. On the southwestern side, the coasts of the Kornati Islands are marked by steep cliffs or "crowns" that make the coastline unique. Although it seems that any form of life is impossible on those high stone walls, here special, here special species that have adjusted to extreme life conditions live. The undersea part of the Kornati “crowns” are a true paradise of the biodiversity and the main reason why the Kornati were proclaimed a National Park and put under protection and World natural heritage.

International Children’s Festival: If during any conversation children, singing, and music are mentioned at the same time, there is no doubt that the topic is Šibenik. Šibenik has been a friend to children ever since 1958 when the International Children’s Festival began – the world festival of creativity for children and children’s creativity. Since then, every year at the beginning of summer, the city becomes the children’s capital of the world. On its streets, squares and stages more than 200 programmes are performed in which children from all continents take part.

Festival of Dalmatian Chanson: Dalmatian Chanson Evenings is a recognizable Šibenik Festival, held in August and every year attracts a large audience who fill the square of the Republic of Croatia Square in front of the Cathedral of St. James. The festival has received numerous cultural and musical acknowledgments for the exceptional quality of music and performers. Live performances with orchestra and choir accompany the best Croatian artists, composers, and songwriters.

The Croatian Travel Festival: The Croatian Travel Festival has been held in Šibenik since 2012, organized by the Croatian Passengers' Club. The festival gathers world travellers, travel enthusiasts, and aims to bring the magic of travelling to everyone and present diverse ways to travel. The festival is held in late May when Šibenik becomes 'a world of its own'.

Chef's Stage: At the end of summer Šibenik becomes a time machine which woing to the medival fair, truly takes you back into the past. Chef's stage is unique gourmet and cultural Festival that presents the Mediterranean gastronomy, as an introduction to the tourist season. The event brings some of the best chefs from all over the world, giving participants the opportunity to learn more about the techniques of their work and to try their delicacies first-hand.

Sailing: Lovers of the sea, sailing, cruising, and fast speedboat rides can enjoy the high- quality marinas. The most attractive nautical route which connects the National Parks Kornati and Krka is 26 miles long.

Activities in Šibenik

The Cathedral of St. James: For the first time in European architecture the Cathedral embossed geometric perspective. The Cathedral’s façade is identical to the shape of wall and dome configuration, which has not been achieved in any other Renaissance church. Owing to its beauty and architectural design, the Cathedral of St. James is a monument to art, architecture and construction with which no other building in the world can be compared.

Sibenik Cathedral St. Jacob: Šibenik Cathedral St. Jacob is a true architectural masterpiece. Gothic-Renaissance beauty is under UNESCO protection and was completed in the 16th century. It is considered as the largest church in the world to be made entirely of stone - without any binders and wood.

Fortress of St. Nicholas: Very few fortresses are as picturesque and elegant as the Renaissance Fortress of St. Nicholas, located at the entrance to the wonderful St. Anthony channel, which serves as the door of Šibenik to the open sea and as the entrance to the town. It was built in the middle of the 16th century as defence from Turkish attacks from the sea and is one of the most attractive fortifications on the Adriatic Coast.

Fortress Barone: Fortress Barone is located only a few hundred meters away from St. John's fortress. The interesting attraction is a high-tech museum with the technology of augmented reality used to provide an experience of the battle of Sibenik that took place in 1647. The fortress features a coffee bar with affordable prices and a small park for children. There is a panoramic view of the town and St. Anthony's channel.

St Anthony's channel: St Anthony's channel connects the town to the Adriatic Sea. The channel boasts exceptional natural beauty. The walking trail, located just near the channel, is a great place for recreationists and bikers. At the end of the trail, there is a UNESCO masterpiece of art, Fortress of St. Nicholas.

Top Attractions

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