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Find out more about the benefits of becoming a Member of one of the exclusive vacation clubs managed by VCMS.

Below you will find useful information about the clubs, pricing and Club Rules. With respect to weeks based Memberships please enquire HERE to check availability and actual prices of the unit sizes and seasons available.

We also operate a flexible, XP points based Membership Club which allows Members to use the XPs to holiday at different destinations, charter boats and enjoy experiences of all sorts.  VCMS has a resale programme for Xps as well. Acquiring XPs at advantageous prices will secure better value when using the same XPs for any of the destinations available at, Don’t miss out, contact us now

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are prices determined? 

The price of each Membership is determined by the Member seeking to sell their Membership.  

2. Are there any fees payable when purchasing a Membership? 

An admin fee of €350 is payable together with the AMRF of the 1st year of occupancy fourteen days after the Membership Application Agreement is signed. There are no fees payable when submitting your interest to purchase or find out more about any membership.  

3. Who do I need to pay? 

The Membership Application Agreement will include the breakdown of the payments together with payment instructions. You will also receive the Club Rules, a copy of the Deed of Trust and the statutory “Standard Information Form for Timeshare Contracts” explaining who you are transacting with and their roles.

4. What do I expect after paying?

We will advise the Trustee that payment was received and a Membership Certificate is issued by same Trustee confirming your Membership. As soon as you receive the Membership Certificate all you need to do is contact us at VCMS to start enjoying your Membership benefits.

5. Who is the Club Manager? 

Vacation Club Services Ltd (VCS) is an independent vacation club manager which together with VCMS Co Ltd in Malta, its fully owned subsidiary, are currently managing the vacation clubs listed on its website.

6. I’m interested in buying a membership. How do I go about registering my interest?

If you are not a member, submit your request through this online form (Click here), or send an email to​

​Members may log in to the members' portal, select the Resales tab and select Purchase. Simply decide what type of membership you are looking into and click the “Submit your interest” button found underneath your selected membership.

7. What product can I purchase? 

We have Memberships from any of the following to choose from.​

  • Island Residence Club (IRC)​

  • The Heavenly Suites at the Island Residence Club (IRH)

  • The Heavenly Collection (THC)

  • The Heavenly Collection Sands Tower (THCST)

  • ​XP Membership (XP)

​Short Term XP Memberships are also available for Members who would like to try the Membership before opting for a full term Membership.

What you need to know before purchasing a Membership 

When you purchase a Membership you are effectively acquiring a Membership Certificate that entitles you to a weeks holiday every year up to and including 2045. The same Certificate will refer to the apartment size, view and season.

The apartments available to Members allow for a fantastic range of apartments that give members preferential access to a variety of relatively large luxury apartments. These range from studio apartments sleeping two people to penthouse suits sleeping up to eight, with breath taking views of Golden Bay at the home resort Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Golden Sands. The Annual Membership Renewal Fee (AMRF) depends on the size of the apartment shown on the Membership Certificate.

Look at the IRC options here and THC options here.

The XP Memberships Club offers its Members the use of any apartment type, at any time of the year for any number of weeks. The Annual Membership Renewal Fee is based on the “pay as you use” concept with a minimal AMRF paid annually and Acceleration of AMRF depending on additional XPs used for holidays in any particular year. The options for XP Members do not stop at the home resort. A selection of destinations and experiences accessible with XP points can be viewed on

When visiting some of the preferred destinations, Members may find that XP can be exchanged for more than just accommodation. Chartering a yacht in Malta is an opportunity not to be missed, however Yacht chartering is also available at other destinations together with other experiences and discounts at food and beverage outlets.

If you are a member, you will have access to the resales register available on the Members’ portal where you can submit your interest for any Memberships available for sale on the members' portal.

​If you are interested in becoming a member you can find out more by clicking here.

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