Club Summary

Launched in early 2018, Azure X is an ultra-flexible, points-based club that offers members the option to use their allocated XP points in a variety of exciting and convenient ways. One of the perks of Azure X membership is a free Wildcard, which offers holders a selection of discounts through participating partners. From discounts on flights, bars and restaurants, to retail outlets, escape room experiences and electric cars, your Wildcard will unlock a host of handy savings while you are on holiday.

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How it works

Azure X Membership

Azure Experiences or Azure X is an extremely flexible points-based vacation club. The experience points or XPs can be converted to any of the assets available to Members. Not only can they be converted to any number of weeks, unit types or season at the home resort, the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Golden Sands, they can be used to holiday at other partner hotels or resorts. Azure X takes this concept beyond hotel accommodation, it extends to yacht charters and other forms of holiday experiences. Usage of XPs for any holiday or experience are not limited to the annual entitlement that may be used against the payment of the Annual Membership Renewal Fee (AMRF), any number of XPs can be brought forward from future years, we refer to this as acceleration of XP usage.  

How does Acceleration work?

Acceleration is a bit like time travel. Members simply use XPs allocated to future years. Members just pay annual fees they ordinarily would have paid year-by-year if they did not opt to accelerate usage. While Azure X terms these 'acceleration fees', they are not actually additional fees. They're simply the acceleration of future annual fees. Here's an example: 


If your minimum usage as a member allows for a one-week holiday, your contractual AMRF covers that one-week allocation. If, however, you choose to accelerate your one-week usage to two weeks, you pay a two-week AMRF fee. Although you pay double the AMRF in this example, the benefit is that you don't need to pay the upfront price of a second membership certificate.  


In a nutshell, what acceleration offers is convenience and value for money. Through acceleration, Azure X members can strategically speed through a 30-year membership in 15 or even 10 years. 


When accelerating XPs from future years, the AMRF that would have been paid in the future is also brought forward, we refer to this as the Accelerated AMRF, or in short Acceleration Fee which needs to be paid on top of your standard AMRF. The Acceleration Fee for the additional XPs brought from the future is set at £1.50 each, which means you avoid any increase in AMRF rates on these XPs.

Opportunity to Accelerate

Flexibility. It's a feature that members value the most. Unlike a traditional club membership, members are not limited by unit numbers, types, seasons or number of weeks allocated. While some members prefer the comfort and security of set unit and season type, supported by a membership certificate for each week, Azure X members have the choice to accelerate usage in any year until they run out of XPs. 

Annual XP Usage

Each of the five membership levels have different minimum annual XP usage thresholds. While all membership levels are contingent on AMRF fees being fully paid within the agreed period, minimum XP usage focuses on the amount of XPs that can be used annually without any additional payments. Conversely, unused XPs will be forfeit at year end. Ultimately, this usage feature also suggests flexibility. Additional XPs can be used in any specific year if the member so chooses. Built-in flexibility allows members to accelerate their usage of XPs by accessing their future entitlement in advance.  


Annual Membership Renewal Fee (2020- 2024)

XP Level

XP Level 1

XP Level 2

XP Level 3

XP Level 4

XP Level 5

Cost £






Cost €






AMRF are always calculated in GBP, the conversion in EUR is currently at 1.15 £ x €, subject to review. It might be more convenient to pay in EUR.