Covid-19 Related Questions

I could not use my 2020 entitlement last year; can I use my 2020 membership in 2021?

Carrying any membership entitlement from one year to another is contractually prohibited, since it would impact negatively on other members’ space allocation. However, due to the COVID-19 disruptions and subject to availability, we allowed members to utilise their 2020 entitlement in 2021, subject to the following;

  • That room type and the dates requested did not interfere with other members using their 2021 entitlement in 2021.

  • That they secured booking of both entitlements by paying their 2021 membership fee.

NB: In 2021, under no circumstance, we are allowing members to transfer usage to future years.

Please also bear in mind that the resort reopened on the 25th of June 2020 and has been opened since, so you had the opportunity to use your entitlement in 2020. As a concession for 2020 only, Members were also allowed to use their Membership in any season that year (Platinum Season included).  

If for 2021 you are looking for a solution that does not include overseas travel, we may also be in a position to assist you in using your entitlement in your home country.  

Are there any measures in place for COVID-19?

Yes, there are measures in place for COVID-19 according to the international Radisson Blu COVID-19 policy. You can find more information here:


What facilities are active at the resort?

All facilities in the resort are up and running, including all the restaurants. However, please look out for updates since restrictions are changing on weekly basis. Just so you are aware, the kids’ club is open for outdoor activities only, which means it’s not currently possible to leave your kids at the indoor club area.


Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa Golden Sands Guidelines

Our response to the ongoing pandemic is to put health, safety, and security at the forefront of our priorities. Personal Safety Policies for Guests and Hotel in compliance with guidelines provided by the health authorities on 17th August 2020, you are advised that wearing of masks is compulsory throughout all public areas of the hotel.

Our guests and all residents that come to the hotel must have their temperature taken when entering the premises and are requested to use the hand sanitizer located at the main entrance and in numerous places within the hotel. We ask guests to use the elevators only with their own family members. As guests, we strongly recommend that you follow the social distance regulations and precautions given by the health authorities, especially in public areas and common facilities throughout the resort.


Discover the Radisson Hotels One Touch Service, you can reach us by scanning the QR code found at the front desk or download the One Touch App. With this application, you will be able to check the menu from all our different food and beverage outlets.


Express check out, to minimize waiting time and reduce cash transactions, we highly recommend this option. We also suggest you use the contactless method of payment to settle your bill accordingly.


Please bear in mind that after the Maltese PM conference on 10/03/2021 there has been clear direction to close all bars and restaurants in the whole country. The situation is constantly changing; therefore, we would always recommend checking directly with us opening times and current restrictions prior to you traveling.