The Values of SPIRIT

Every ambitious company looking to build an inspired and exciting work culture needs to have a set of values to swear by. Our core values align to the acronym SPIRIT. In the spirit of SPIRIT, we ask that every member of staff embrace the following values and help us grow in all areas:

  • Service Excellence: We’re a members-centric organisation. Our goal is to build genuine, high quality professional relationships with members. They need to feel it. Need to feel we have their best interests at heart.

  • Passion: We love what we do. If you join us, it will be because we have seen this passion mirrored in you. We approach every day, every interaction, intending to deliver a heart-felt service that expresses the best of our capabilities.

  • Innovation: We have deep plans to create something unique in the leisure industry. We intend setting the benchmark for club management companies serious about expansion and innovation.

  • Respect: Regardless of race, culture, or creed, when you are part of our team, expect equal treatment in a horizontal structure. Basically, we are respectful of your individuality. It’s the different things about us that make magic happen in a team environment.

  • Integrity: We believe in what we do. We are honest and transparent about it.

  • Teamwork: We are many but act as one. As a team, our values and objectives come together to express the personality of a single individual who possesses all the best traits of the best people who have ever lived. It’s a big statement. We have big ideas to match. Working together, we can make those big dreams reality.