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Who is managing our membership Club?

The new management company is Vacation Club Services Limited. It is owned and controlled by the trustee on behalf of the members of the Clubs. A second company was also established in Malta by Vacation Club Services Limited named VCMS Company Limited (VCMS), which employs local staff who will be available to assist all members with their needs.

If I cannot use my entitlement in any particular year, what other options do I have?

You are encouraged to use your entitlement every year in order to make the most from your membership. If, however, you cannot use it, these are your other options:

  • Allow family and friends to use your membership,
    provided the AMRF is paid

  • Deposit your entitlement with an exchange company
    and use in subsequent years

  • Ask VCMS to rent your week. The Premium Rental Programme requires the payment of the AMRF and entitles members to share the proceeds at the end of each year. VCMS will retain 20% of the proceeds as an admin charge.


Can I change my mind during the year?

Yes. Contact your members’ experiences team at VCMS, and they will advise you on the best way forward and listen to any limitations you might have before making alternative arrangements.

How does the Premium Rental Programme work?

VCMS will try to rent your week entitlement to third parties at market rates. It will retain a commission of 20% to administer the programme. The AMRF for the year needs to be paid in full and in a timely manner. VCMS will aim to maximise the rental income across the different room types and seasons, however each year brings with it different challenges and opportunities.

Important considerations to bear in mind are:

  • The number of weeks in the rental programme: The more weeks there are, the higher the risk that not all are rented, with proceeds diluted. This is managed and capped, depending on the expected demand

  • The number of weeks taken up and actually rented: The higher the ratio of weeks rented, the higher the proceeds per week

  • The room rates: These are driven by market conditions and vary by unit type, view and time of year

  • The proceeds are worked out at the end of the year and a credit note recorded against your account, so it can be applied against future bills for AMRF.

Please note, a refund of any excess credit cannot be guaranteed by VCMS.

Can I sell my entitlement (resales)?

The Club manager will, over the next few months, look into various options to provide this service to members and will announce what relevant options exist in the near future.


If you are interested in making a request for Resales, kindly email
Club Administration.

I am not utilising my membership this year, do I still need to pay my membership fees? If paid, do I get a refund?

Please consider all options before. This is a holiday product and we will encourage you to use it every year, because we want you to make the most out of your membership.


We also recognise this is not always possible and that some members will not be able to use their entitlement in any particular year. In the light of this  we will issue a credit note for the AMRF and instead charge an admin freezing fee of £100/€110 per week provided VCMS receives a request by e-mail before the 31st December of the preceding year. This option will be reviewed by the Club Manager annually.


All e-mail requests are to be addressed to accounts@vcmsmalta.com.

Please do not ignore requests for Annual Membership Renewal Fees since you will incur penalties and risk cancellation of your
Club membership.

How can I pay my membership fee?

The preferred method of payments are:

  • Credit Card (Directly from the website)

  • Bank Transfer – please e-mail accounts@vcmsmalta.com for details. We also will accept cheques, made payable to VCMS Co Ltd.

How many guests are allowed in each apartment?

The membership certificate specifies the maximum number of guests allowed for each unit type and/or membership level. Guests with infants aged 2-years-old or under may request to have a cot added to the room. We recommend that this request is made at time of booking to avoid any disappointment, since this is subject to availability.