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Dedicated solely and exclusively to vacation club management services. Established to ensure that Members at the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Golden Sands, Malta continue to enjoy all the benefits and entitlements at their home resort in Malta and also beyond the shores of our Mediterranean island.



The Resales Programme is designed and promoted to facilitate the transfer of a Membership Certificate from a Member to any other eligible person.

VCMS receives and coordinates enquiries from clients who may be interested in acquiring a Membership Certificate at a price determined and requested by the current owner.

All Membership Certificates for sale together with requested price are listed in a Resales Register available and visible to all Members.

VCMS also works with authorised agencies specialising in resales, actively promoting and advertising memberships on well-established networks and online platforms.



This is a programme that allows non-members to use Members’ space. VCMS administers the Rental Programme with a view to ensure that the rooms reserved for Members’ are utilised in full with proceeds shared among the Members who make their entitlement available to any customer paying a fair price for the Members’ space.

Explore the Med & Beyond with XP

XP Members benefit from the most flexible Club Membership ever. Members use XPs like a virtual currency to explore a selection of destinations around the Mediterranean and beyond. Whether it is staying in a resort, villa or chartering a yacht around the Med, XPs can be exchanged for the lot. Keep scrolling to see a top selection of destinations you can explore with us, whether you are a Member or wish to have a taste of Members’ benefits.

Our Memberships

Members’ benefits are bundled into Clubs. Each Club Membership is defined in the Membership Certificate held by each member and the related Club Rules. The Clubs currently managed by VCMS are defined hereunder. Members are entitled to use luxury apartments and suites assigned to each Club against the payment of an Annual Membership Renewal Fee.

Island Residence Club

Launched in 2003, the Island Residence Club (IRC) is the first vacation club to open at Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Golden Sands, Malta. IRC was one of the first clubs of its kind to offer members fixed rooms within a floating season of time. The stylish living spaces, complete with large living and dining areas, combine with outstanding views of the pristine bay, or the unspoiled beauty of Il Majjistral Nature and History park to provide the ultimate in feel-good getaways.

The Heavenly Collection

The Heavenly Collection was launched in 2011 at Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Golden Sands, Malta. This vacation club introduced a programme that gives members more seasonal flexibility when planning their holidays. The Heavenly Collection features nine fully furnished luxury penthouse apartments, fitted with everything from espresso machines to Venetian-built whirlpool bathtubs. The Heavenly Collection Sands Tower opened in 2018, with an additional spectacular nine designer apartments making it the newest addition to our portfolio.